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Humanoid Radio is a show of experimental soundscapes and spoken word that I produce and host each Tuesday evening which airs from 9:30 until 11:00 pm EST on CFRU 93.3 FM in Guelph, Ontario, and streams from around the galaxy.

Ambient, electronic, and rarely before heard experimental sounds created by artists across the globe are sometimes overlaid with spoken word samples from a variety of similarly interesting scientists, scholars, and heretics. This unique ninety minute audio transmission is aimed at extraterrestrial beings and any similarly inclined earthlings. Tune in !


Humanoid Radio January 2020 Playlists
Artist Album Track
January 7, 2020
Suzanas Bauten Nektar vol. 9.2 080101 000
Feedback Aerophonium Classwar Karaoke - 0028 Survey Transducer
Berthelot Classwar Karaoke - 0028 Survey La Thorie de Lassiette Creuse
Art Electronix Classwar Karaoke - 0028 Survey Curiosity and Penetration
Suzanas Bauten Suzanas Bauten Pure Data Song
Ambient Fabric Classwar Karaoke - 0028 Survey Pillars of Creation
Rosalind Hall A Trail A Texture Trails
John Haught  read by Alan Kirker (source book of reading: Atoms and Eden) (Question responses)
Lee Rosevere Asimov

The Last Question

Nadav Masel Experimental Israel Improv 3 halasam
January 14, 2020
Jeff Gburek Radius PATCH 06 - Ghosts Radio Wide World (Part 1)
January 21, 2020
Jeff Gburek Radius PATCH 06 - Ghosts Radio Wide World (Part 2)
Deef (untitled ep) Your Daily Beatermezzo
Sea Oleena (self-titled ep) Everyone With Eyes Closed – Johnny Ripper Remix
Smoking Fox Johnny Ripper Deximer - Summer Breeze Let it Out – Johnny Ripper Remix
Rui P. Andrade Various Artists (Enough Records) Turdus Merula
Black Sea Hotel Live on WFMU with Irene Trudel - August 25, 2014 Ibish Aga
DR Insomnia Insomnia
Sucking Chest Wound God Family Country Isn’t That a Beauty?
January 28, 2020
DR Insomnia Overdrive
Jojo Worthington (self-titled lp) Inveterate
Ctodo Do N 837ix
Andrea Pensado and Davindar Singh (self-titled lp) Duo With Davindar Singh
Andrea Pensado and Alexei Borisov (self-titled lp) Duo With Alexei Borisov
Jojo Worthington (self-titled lp) Sojourner
Alex Davies Sonic Mmabolela 2017 Three Generative Inversions
Steve Ashby Sonic Mmabolela 2017 Mosima


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