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Bulletin: Humanoid Radio IS broadcasting during the COVID-19 pandemic. Shows are being produced at home and uploaded to

Humanoid Radio is a show of experimental soundscapes and spoken word that airs each Tuesday evening from 9:30 until 11:00 pm EST on CFRU 93.3 FM in Guelph, Ontario, and streams from around the galaxy.

Ambient, electronic, and rarely before heard experimental sounds created by artists across the globe are sometimes overlaid with spoken word samples from a variety of similarly interesting scientists, scholars, and heretics. This unique ninety minute audio transmission is aimed at extraterrestrial beings and any similarly inclined earthlings. Tune in !

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December 2020 Play-lists
Humanoid Radio
Artist Album Track
December 1, 2020
Salakapakka Sound System Buddha Machines On Fire Lo-fi Buddha
Mouse on Mars Instrumentals Subnubius
Christine Renaudat Future Cities - The Recordings Metropolitan Cathedral Bells (Mexico City)
Margaret Noble Radius PATCH 13 - Resistance Frakture - George Orwell's Novel 1984 Remixed
60s-70s Japanese Instrumental Cinema Funk Breaks & Beats 60s-70s Japanese Instrumental Cinema Funk Breaks & Beats (excerpt)
Funki Porcini The Ultimately Empty Million Pounds 1 2 3, 3, 4
Bruce Gremo Atmospheres Edge - 12 Preludes Prelude 10 - Glimpsing the Terra Firma
Tonbau G Minus 2 Advance of the Perihelion
Aidan Geary Future Cities - The Recordings Call to Prayer, Lion's Gate (Jerusalem)
December 8, 2020
Cities and Memory Future Cities - The Recordings Underground Brass Band (Moscow)
Bing and Ruth (youtube) Badwater Psalm (Nailah Hunter remix)
Tonbau G Minus 2 Kaleidos
Nick Storring My Magic Dreams Have Lost Their Spell Pretending You And I
Chuck Bettis Arc of Enlightenment Sixth Configuration Before Midnight
Ville Moskiitto (single) Aamulla Nousee Punaisempi Kuu
Min-Y-Llan (single) Run To Canada
Humanoid Radio audio collage featuring Jeanne Achtenberg Thinking Allowed (youtube) (audio collage - short excerpts)
Silencid (single) The Call
Komatsu (single) Y Arderan Juntos
Skaar (single) Let Go
Tronslard Pantrel Outfielders 1
Bill Laswell + Pete Namlook Psychonavigation 4 Good and Bad
Dianne Labrosse, Iku Mori and Martin Tetreault Ile Bizarre Fossiles et Extra Tempum
Chuck Bettis Arc of Enlightenment Reverse Hallucination Part 1
December 15, 2020
Cellar Dweller Terry Dragatis Beached
Chuck Bettis Motion Parallax Change The Frame
Cities and Memory Future Cities - The Recordings Between Two Bridges (New York)
Rob Clutton Trio Counsel of Primaries Sterling
Bill Laswell Imaginary Cuba Drafting Shadows - Leaving La Habana (Peaceful)
Bill Laswell Imaginary Cuba Chaos In The Heat (Last Transmission)/td>
Cities and Memory Future Cities - The Recordings Inside the Sistine Chapel (Vatican City)
Funki Porcini Hed Phone Sex Poseathon
DJ Shadow Endtroducing Changeling
Money Mark Change is Coming People's Party (Red Alert)
Mouse on Mars Cache Coeur Naif Lazergum
Robert B Lisek Radius PATCH 13 - Resistance Quantum Enigma
Pole 3 Stadt
Boards of Canada Campfire Headphase Farewell Fire
December 22, 2020
Night Owl Committee (single) X
Aboombong Dans Le Contrôle Imprécis K6
C Scott Stage Theory (Beats vol. 3) Stage Theory
Pollux My Beautiful Melancholia UAV Style Plasma Version
Lofi User My Beautiful Melancholia District 65
Humanoid Radio audio collage featuring Eckhardt Tolle (youtube audio samples) Doorway to Now
Lukeing Forward Wandering in Urban Fog The Glass Full of Lead
Machine Death (single) You Ruin Everything
Leonardo Rosado A Long White Sleep Variation in White 4
Butchy Fuego + Heather McIntosh Live Dublab Sprout Session
Humanoid Radio Tape Cut Up (Various Sources) (Various Spoken Word Samples)
J Frank More Awkward Beats By... Fourdom
Vibration Terroists Volume 1 A Sunny Day on Jupiter
Sol Rezza Shorts for Radio Shorts for Radio 5
Rodrigo Ardais Revolutions in Citta Amerikaner Kommen
December 29, 2020
Tsembla (single) Olen Kala Ja Kalastaja
Tulasi (single) Exotic Cocktail Party
Two Who (single) Kamarisarja
Tiitus (single) Nocturne
Sci-Fi Industries Laocoonte Hume
Bill Laswell + Pete Namlook Psychonavigation 4 Samira
Makoto Masui (single) Eps 1
Uton Extraterrestrial Mindscan for Tomutonttu Black Horizons
Money Mark Change is Coming Soul Drive Sixth Avenue
DJ Shadow Endtroducing Midnight in a Perfect World
JoJo Worthington Self-titled LP Alien
Lee Rosevere Music To Wake Up To Morning Mist
Colin Hunter Future Cities - The Recordings Seismic Vibrations in the Eiffel Tower (Paris)
Cities and Memory Future Cities - The Recordings Crowds in the fish market (Catania)
Humanoid Radio vinyl experiment Music for Relaxation (vinyl) (short excerpt)


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