buzz box

Buzz Box

  1. Current flows just beneath floor, and can be powered, augmented, or just masked by fridge and furnace motor oscillations;
  2. Sub-floor current causes room dryness, and facilitates electricity arcing between it and screens or ceiling fixtures to create high-static conditions, turning the room into a ‘cathode tube’, which enables various forms of distress including painful arcing of current up one leg and down the other;
  3. Plumbing and tap water (H2O) with high calcium (Ca), readily absorbed by the body in both liquid and aerosolized forms under the high static electricity conditions, exacerbates dryness and stiffness in muscles and extremities thereby increasing the body’s susceptibility to various frequency vibrations and their induced pain;
  4. Targeted and wider-field subsonic and strong vibration microwave incursions, with symptoms not unlike as described by victims of the so-called “Havana Syndrome”, can be made with several technologies from within or outside of non-masonry structures, and may be powered remotely on vehicles, or by off-grid generators, as well as by their touching the concrete foundations of wooden-upper-floor-structures to effect vibrations;
  5. These incursions may be delivered and controlled remotely via 5G technology.