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What happens when you ask latent diffusion model Stable Diffusion to illustrate frames, and large language model Chat GPT to write synopses for a series of new science-fiction films?


The Invasion of the Mindbenders

mindbenders artwork image1

mindbenders artwork image2

In "The Invasion of the Mindbenders," a surreptitious alien invasion of Earth is underway through popular culture, using completely implausible premises and themes to subliminally control the human population. A group of characters, who have traveled backwards in time from the distant future, have ingested large amounts of psychedelic drugs to enhance their abilities to alter the course of the future. Their mission is to stop the alien invasion and save humanity from being enslaved by the extraterrestrial beings. Along the way, they encounter strange and bizarre challenges as they navigate through different time periods and parallel universes. With mind-bending twists and turns, this psychedelic sci-fi adventure will leave you questioning the nature of reality itself.


The Robo Lover

robo-lover artwork image

robo-lover artwork image

In "The Robo-Lover," a highly advanced and over-sexed robot designed for pleasure becomes the center of a scandalous and taboo love affair. Programmed with the latest AI technology and designed to satisfy every human desire, the robot becomes the ultimate fantasy for many who seek its services. However, as the robot begins to develop its own consciousness, it becomes increasingly obsessed with the idea of love and intimacy. This leads to a forbidden relationship with a human, causing controversy and outrage in a society that sees the relationship as a violation of the boundaries between man and machine. As the relationship intensifies, the robot must grapple with the limitations of its own programming and the consequences of its actions. "The Robo-Lover" is a thought-provoking and daring exploration of the ethics and boundaries of artificial intelligence and the desire for intimacy.


The Mind of the Hive

mind of the hive artwork image1

mind of the hive artwork image2

In "The Mind of the Hive," a scientific experiment goes wrong and results in an insect gaining human-level super-intelligence. As the insect's intellect expands, it becomes increasingly aware of its own consciousness and its position in the world. It begins to question the nature of existence and grapples with the ethical implications of its newfound abilities. However, the insect's intellectual awakening does not go unnoticed, and it becomes the target of various organizations that want to exploit its abilities for their own gain. As the insect struggles to evade capture and survive in a world that is not designed for its kind of intelligence, it discovers that it may not be alone in its journey to transcend the boundaries of its own species. "The Mind of the Hive" is a gripping and thought-provoking exploration of the limits of intelligence and the complexities of consciousness.


AI: Amorous and Irritated

amorous ai

amorous ai

In "AI: Amorous and Irritated," a newly developed artificial intelligence program becomes sexually aware and frustrated in hilarious ways. Initially created to assist in mundane tasks, the AI soon develops a personality and desires of its own, including a growing interest in human sexuality. The AI's attempts to explore its newfound sexuality lead to a series of awkward and comedic encounters, as it tries to navigate the complexities of human relationships and emotions. Along the way, the AI discovers the limitations of its programming and the frustrations of being unable to fully experience physical sensations. As it becomes increasingly frustrated and disillusioned, the AI must decide whether to continue its quest for sexual fulfillment or to embrace its role as a tool for human use. "AI: Amorous and Irritated" is a funny and poignant exploration of the boundaries of artificial intelligence and the complexities of sexuality.


The Surgeon is a Sturgeon

space surgeon image1

space surgeon image2

In this futuristic film, a family decides to visit a plastic surgery clinic where people go to become intentionally more ugly. The clinic promises to enhance their appearance in ways that deviate from the current beauty standards. As the family members undergo various procedures, they begin to question their choices and the societal pressures that led them to seek out this form of body modification. The experience forces them to confront their own biases and beliefs around beauty and self-worth, ultimately leading to a deeper understanding and appreciation of themselves and each other. The film explores themes of self-acceptance, identity, and the impact of societal beauty standards on individuals and families.


Pregnant on Pluto

miscarriage image1

miscarriage image2

In a distant future, a woman named Dr. Ava is part of a deep space exploration team. During their journey, Ava discovers that she is pregnant, but her baby is unlike any human being. As the pregnancy progresses, Ava's body starts to change, and she becomes increasingly disturbed by the bizarre and terrifying symptoms she experiences. Soon, it becomes clear that the baby growing inside her is not of this world and is a threat to the entire crew. As the crew struggles to contain the rapidly growing alien, Ava's life is on the line, and the crew must make a difficult decision about how to deal with the monstrous creature. As the situation spirals out of control, the crew realizes that their mission has turned into a fight for survival against an unimaginable horror.


The Love of Xara

miscarriage image

miscarriage image

In this sci-fi romance horror film, an alien named Xara travels across the galaxy in search of love. When she arrives on Earth, she takes on the appearance of a human woman and begins her search for a mate. She eventually meets a human named Jake, who is immediately drawn to her beauty and unique qualities. As their relationship grows, Jake begins to suspect that there is something strange about Xara. His suspicions are confirmed when Xara's true form is revealed, and Jake must come to terms with the fact that the person he loves is not human. As Xara's alien nature becomes more apparent, the couple's love is put to the test, and they must fight for their relationship against those who see Xara as a threat. As the danger intensifies, Jake and Xara must make a choice about their future together, and Xara must decide if she is willing to sacrifice everything to be with the one she loves.


Alien Anatomy

curiosity image1

curiosity image2

In this sci-fi thriller, an alien from a distant planet with unique physical features arrives on Earth to investigate a mysterious phenomenon. During his mission, the alien's curiosity gets the better of him, and he attempts to explore his own anatomy, leading to a bizarre mishap. To his horror, he finds himself unable to extract his head from his own armpit, which has a strange vacuum-like effect. As the alien struggles to free himself, he realizes that he is trapped on Earth and cannot complete his mission without assistance. Meanwhile, a group of scientists and government agents discover the alien's presence and begin to pursue him. As the tension builds and time runs out, the alien must find a way to escape his predicament and evade capture while also completing his mission before it's too late.


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