Alan Kirker

This page provides a broad overview of Alan's own media and art projects. For privacy and copyright reasons it does not include samples of work created for clients and employers, which may otherwise be revealed under prospective project or employment circumstances.

Sound Art

future cities graphic

Check out a remixed UK field recording submission to the massive Cities and Memory sound map project.


cfru graphic

Listen to the otherworldly sounds of Humanoid Radio, live over the FM airwaves and streaming online each Tuesday.


heaven on earth image

Heaven on Earth is a looping, large, multi-screen ambient projection first installed on the Kitchener Public Library video wall tiles.


mars deep panorama image

Earth in Heaven (Mars Deep Panorama) is a zoomable concept outpost on the Red Planet that uses high resolution Curiosity Rover photos.

Digital Art

digital art image

Digital art samples include web banners and print posters.


photography image

Photography archive includes several black and white samples.


mixed media image

Mixed-media includes several series of artworks in acrylic paint, airbrush, and laserprint carbon transfer.


About Alan Kirker

Introduction & statement.

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