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Alan Kirker is an artist, thinker, and socio-cultural shaman who writes, creates, and assembles art; working in a variety of different media. He applies his many skills to framing and elucidating ideas from popular culture, science, technology, spirituality, and the environment. Like an antenna, Alan picks up signals from the collective consciousness and rebroadcasts them from his unique, insightful vantage point. The work aims to provoke thought and challenge perceptions about ourselves and reality itself. He has worked extensively in the communications, design, education, and media production fields. Alan was born and raised in Montreal and lives in Waterloo Region, Ontario, Canada.

"The serious artist is the only person able to encounter technology with impunity, just because he is an expert aware of the changes in sense perception" (Marshall McLuhan, Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man, 1964).

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